Electronic lab notebook

The BIOVIA Notebook Cloud is the only lab journal to be used by the members of the group. Every experiment has to be co-signed by another member of the list (see below). Please chose a different co-signer from the list withing your group for each experiment. Once a week, an experiment should be submitted for signature to PR (more experiments can be submitted to PR if results have to be discussed).

ELN of students/trainees/apprentices are co-signed directly by the person in charge of the supervision. The following group members are entitled to co-sign ELN-experiments.

Group calendar

The group calendar is accessible at the following link: webcal://p05-calendarws.icloud.com/ca/subscribe/1/w_IGNOBdfK4oAfeJogJ71Ct8rf6DipPhGNyLylE4BlnWIOcOlMUHQ1VyofgYlyatSvShLr1ygXxiqWe5GsH8TRQnsDsfEZ3kUtWHvt36NwA

Dropbox - Progress reports (pdf version) (new Sept. 2018)

1) Weekly progress report

A progress report is due every week (except during holidays and conferences) even when no meeting is taking place.

Add your weekly reports in the appropriate folder as a pdf file before the beginning of the meeting. Please name the file according to the following model:

First letter of first name followed by 3 first letters of last name_year_week number.pdf (example: jcin_2016_21.pdf)

Your report should contain the results of the week with comments (problems, experimental difficulties, interpretations, conclusions, etc.). A short plan for the forthcoming week should also be provided at the end of the report.

Handwritten reports are also fine but should be scanned (level of grey, 300 dpi) and stored as pdf.

If you want to discuss your report during the meeting, please add a second copy of your report in the dropbox folder "presentations" at least 15 min before the meeting.

2) Research Presentation

Create a PowerPoint of Keynote presentation of your results (one per project if you have more than one project) that you can use for discussion with guests as well as for the group meeting research presentation. Please update weekly the presentation with your new results. Please label it as under point 1) with a suffix "_rp" (example: jcin_2016_21_rp.pdf).

3) Reports and Miscellaneous documents

Add in your dropbox folder all the documents related to your research such as intermediate reports, projects, retrosynthesis scheme, etc. Use the same method as above to label the documents using as suffix describing the nature of the document (example: jcin_2016_21_report.pdf).

4) Publications

Create separate folders for manuscripts in preparation (manuscript_1, etc.).

Thesis and manuscripts

Please follow the ACS guidelines. More infomration can be find in the following four documents:
Provide copies of all NMR and IR  spectra for all NMR and IR using the PowerPoint template : Powerpoint template (new Sept. 2018), PowerPoint sample
Optical rotations have to be provided for all enantiomercially enriched products (except for mixture of diastereomers when not separable).
Melting points (range) should be provided for all solids without exception.

Group meeting

Tuesday 13.00 (S155)

Odd weeks
- short research presentation (style publication)
- journal club
- topic review according to defined schedule

Even weeks
- Problem session. The problems are distributed one week in advance and solutions will be discussed. Problems should be based on recent publications and are expected to contain basic and advanced synthetic methods.

Analytical services

NMR spectra

The NMR processing software MestReNova (version 6) can be downloaded directly from the Mestrelab.
Installation: save the site license file on your disk and run MestReNova, go to Help/Evaluate/Buy and click on Activate, then navigate to the license file and double click on it. The application will be immediately activated.

Elemental Analyses

The elemental analyses are performed by Urs Kämpfer (ARS, Schürch group). Please contact him directly for details.

Infrared Analyses

The departmental infrared facility (Jasco FT/IR-4700) is located in room N324 under the responsability of René Bühler.

Group Responsabilities

A list of group responsabilities can be found here.

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